Who Are We ?

We are pioneers in intelligent irrigation solutions that propel agriculture into the future. Our innovative IoT technology empowers farmers to fine-tune their water usage, enhancing crop yields and sustainability.

We harness cutting-edge technology to deliver precise irrigation management — saving water, cutting costs, and increasing returns on investment.

For our partners and investors, we represent a thriving opportunity to be part of a visionary venture that not only drives agricultural efficiency but also fosters global environmental stewardship. Together, we are cultivating prosperity for farmers and communities in Morocco, and around the world.

Our Mission

At ARWA SOLUTIONS, our core mission is to pioneer a sustainable revolution in water management for agriculture through cutting-edge technology. We are dedicated to enabling farmers around the globe to enhance their irrigation efficiency, ensuring every drop of water contributes directly to increased productivity and farm health. Our ambition is to be the global partner of choice for farmers seeking the most innovative and user-friendly smart irrigation solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of every field and crop.

Our Values

Our Challenges

Technological Adoption
- Helping farmers to modernize.

- Improve the income of Moroccan and African farmers.

- Attract young entrepreneurs.
Resource Management
- Contribute to food sovereignty in Morocco and Africa.

- Feed a growing population.
Drought Conditions
- Save resources: Water, Energy, Fertilizers, Phytosanitary products.

- Promote efficient, environmentally-friendly agriculture.


Embedded systems engineers

Hardware & Software development

Data engineers

Big data & Machine Learning

Agricultural engineers

Testing and support